Machine Type: Immersion Tank

Base material: Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass

Plating tank 1: 2,280mm x 1,160mm x 620mm*

Plating tank 2: 810mm x 810mm x 430mm*

Thickness of deposit: Does not exceed 0.75 µm


- Blue-black colored surface finish

- Glossy

- Corrosion resistant

- Minimal buildup, Lubricity

- Anti-galling

- Paint and lubricant bonding

Various Applications

- Electronic industrial application such as manufacturing of Print Circuit  Boards

- Engineering and Hardware applications e.g. fasteners, tubing, metal stampings, etc.

- Automotive parts e.g. seat controls, light shields, windshield wiperblade components, etc.

* Dimensions are subjected to change. Contact us or more information on specifications, plating capacities and customization services.




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