Electroless Nickel Plating

Machine type:  Rack

Base material:  Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Copper

Plating line: 12,190mm x 720mm x 765mm*

Plating tank: 880mm x 735mm x 765mm*

Thickness of Deposit: Any thickness depending on various applications


- Bright, Semi-bright, Matt surface finishes

- Corrosion resistant

- Wear resistant

- Reproduces fine surface details and high dimensional accuracy

- Uniformity in coating on surface

Various Applications:

-Engineering industrial applications e.g. oil field valves, rotors, drive shafts, etc.

- Electronic industrial applications e.g. printed circuit board manufacturing, hard disk drives, etc.

-Other applications e.g. door knobs, kitchen utensils, bathroom fixtures

* Dimensions are subjected to change. Contact us or more information on specifications, plating capacities and customization services.




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