Zinc Plating

Machine Type: Rack, Barrel

Base material: Steel, Iron

Plating line 1: 16,320mm x 3,100mm x 1540mm*

Plating tank 1: 2 units x 1,010mm x 3,100mm x 1,540mm*;

1 unit x 580mm x 3,100mm x 1,540mm*;

1 unit x 1,730mm x 3,100mm x 1,540mm*

Plating line 2: 22,860mm x 3,000mm x 1525mm*

Plating tank 2: 4 units x 1,270mm x 3,000mm x 1,525mm*

Barrel: 13,240mm x 1,140mm x 800mm*

Thickness of Deposit: About 8 µm to 25 µm depending on various applications


- Bright

- Blue, Black, Green colored finishes

- Corrosion resistant

- Does not cause distortion

- More uniform thickness

Various Applications:

- Finishing all manner of iron and steel products e.g. castings, forgings and sheet steel pressings

- Electrical products

- Not suitable for articles in contact with foodstuffs

* Dimensions are subjected to change. Contact us or more information on specifications, plating capacities and customization services.





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